The idea is to have the best brewed coffee without any electricity, hence the name unplugged. Coffee drippers on the market need to be constantly poured over with hot water and being watched. We wanted to combine the usability of an electronic coffeemaker with the simplicity of a dripper system, so we added a water reservoir that, once the water is poured in, slowly drips through the filter.
We established two concepts: one to-go solution that fits directly on top of an EMSA coffee jug and a standalone product that works with different cup and jug sizes. we concentrated on the second device as the scenario is more convenient for the user.
A functioning mock-up is the base for further tests. There are internationally regulated standarts for perfectly brewed coffee. Our goal is to achieve this seal of quality that requires a certain temperature in the water reservoir, the coffee filter cone and the cup. We tried out many dripping mechanisms and insulation parts to fullfill every requirement.
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