This student project in cooperation with german-based producer of pc input devices CHERRY started with the thought of developing innovative gaming products as an entry for the brand in the pc gaming market. I started my research on competitors as well as the company itself to find out how to tackle that challenge.

The result was that both the needs of casual players and e-sport enthusiasts need to be adressed.
IMMERSION is the mouse that appeals to both the „casual“ and the gaming experts alike: the combination of a more tame and sophisticated look with the inner values fit for e-sport make for a democratic product.
The immersive gaming experience in shooters is created by a new feature. IMMERSION filters certain sound files such as gunfire or explosions from the game data. Most shooters today support 5.1 surround sound. Five vibrating motors in the palm rest give the player a spatial feedback when he is shot at. Depending on the vibrating area, he knows where the shot came from and can react more quickly.
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